Improving Eco-Consciousness with Art


An old plastic bottle is seen as trash by many people, which is why there is billions of pounds of plastic bottle waste in landfills each year. Many people are trying to figure out what to do with this huge amount of plastic waste each year. Some scientists are trying to come up with new recycling methods that make transforming the plastic easier than ever. Other engineers and designers are trying to come up with innovative uses for the plastic in Continue reading

Plastic Bottles as Roofing Tiles


The plastic bottle has a poor reputation in the modern world. The rise of bottled water has made pollution from these plastic products higher than ever, but there is no sign of the industry slowing down or being eliminated completely. Because of the persistence of the product, many people and companies are coming up with new ways to use the bottles in Continue reading

Maximize Storage Space with Collapsible Bins


Storage is important for any business, whether it is a commercial business or an industrial one. Each company has things that need to be stored, such as files, supplies, parts, raw materials, and a variety of other things. Many companies use a plastic bin storage system for smaller items like metal parts or other small pieces used in day to day business. The problem with these systems is that when the bins are not in use, they can waste a lot of Continue reading

Flexible or Inflexible Plastic Containers?


Clear plastic boxes are one of the best ways for manufacturing companies to package their products. Many different companies use clear plastic boxes for different products from toys, to medical equipment. A clear box allows the customer to see the object inside and tell exactly what he is purchasing. Clear packaging also signals that the company Continue reading

Guard Your Drains with a Catch Basin


A catch basin is the ultimate tool for keeping unwanted materials, such as sludge, dirt, and other contaminates away from unwanted locations. One of the areas of any factory that requires a high level of purification is the drainage system. If a factory is not careful, especially if they deal in a high amount of silt-like materials, the drains can Continue reading

When It Comes to Packing… Think Plastic

How does one define a plastic box? For one it is a plastic container, basically the same thing but with the word “box” instead of the word “container.” Plastic boxes serve an unlimited amount of purposes and everyone should, and probably does have at least a few Continue reading

Advantages to Plastic Bottles

When it comes to plastic, there are many great things about it. It is cheap, it is durable, and it is lightweight. When in the market for a new water bottle, the average consumer would probably consider purchasing a bottle reinforced with thick plastic, such as a Nalgene. There are many reasons why plastic bottles are chosen over metal Continue reading